2/3/82-84 Gavan Street, Bright, VIC, 3741

Bright Post Office

If you are reading this you have probably just had an horrendous day at work, or perhaps are still at work. You may have driven through ten sets of traffic lights, been stuck on a freeway for way longer than you want to be and just want to get home to your family.

If any of the above applies to you then why not check out this business in one of the best country holiday town destinations in Australia. The benefits are endless - no boss, no opposition, fresh air, great community of which you are at the centre of and never late home because its probably an easy five minute drive to get there. An easily run five and a half days per week business, with excellent staff support and back up.

Simple process really - know how much you have available to spend i.e. equity in your home, some early inheritance from your parents or even savings, then pick up the phone or email us to find out how we can assist you into this business and lifestyle.

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