2018 End of Year Wrap Up


Here it is, our much anticipated 2018 end of year wrap up with Gerard Gray from Dickens Real Estate. Find out what has been happening in real estate in Bright and surrounds.
Local businesses have also seen a few changes and it is great to have some new and interesting shops and owners in town, along with our current faves.
We hope you enjoy!

Sally Coates chats with Jason Reid



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Longtime local Sally Coates sits down with Jason Reid for a trip down memory lane.

Sally shares some of her memories about growing up in Bright and surrounds and the changes she has seen. Growing up just out of the Bright township, Sally shares some interesting details about getting too and from school, and the different modes of transport that were common for our area.

Sally has also seen changes with buildings, shops and some of the older buildings no longer around. The Dickens building also features and Jason shares some interesting history … more »

The Beginning of Dickens and other adventures with Jill Skerry and Gerard Gray


This is one interview you must watch.

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Jill Skerry (nee Dickens) talks with Gerard Gray about her childhood in Bright and the strength of the Bright community when she was growing up. It appears that the same sense of community still exists today and children growing up in Bright still have some of the freedom that Jill experienced.

Jill also talks about her family’s working history and the beginning of Dickens Real Estate. A really interesting watch and some fascinating history. There’s a lot about Bright that many of us don’t know about and … more »

Interview with past Dickens Real Estate owner Rob Moore


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Rob shares with Jason his memories of moving to Bright, the history of the town, Dickens Real Estate, his involvement as an owner, and some interesting history about our building, the establishment of Falls Creek Real Estate and how the business came to reside where it does today.

A terrific insight. Thanks Rob!

Mario Paola sits down with Al Findlay for a chat


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Mario Paola sits down with well-known and respected local Al Findlay.

Al gives a lot to our community and is well regarded for his amazing community spirit. Mario caught up with Al one Saturday morning, while Al was helping out on the Rotary BBQ.

Al talks about when he first came to the area and his time as publican of the Porepunkah Pub.

Al has contributed a lot of his time to the young people of Bright and surrounds and is still a regular face in community fundraising and volunteering. You may also … more »

Gerard Gray talks with long time local Ron Lowen


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Gerard Gray gets out and about in our beautiful surrounds and catches up with long time local Ron Lowen. Ron lives in a beautiful part of town and was keen to show it off.

Ron grew up in the area and has some wonderful memories to share. Ron talks to Gerard about memories of Eileen Dickens, which is quite fitting given our 65th birthday celebrations this month. Times and faces may have changed, however Bright and surrounds still seems to hold a soft spot for most of us locals and we … more »

Jason Reid chats with Brian ‘Butch’ Thomas


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Long time local Brian ‘Butch’ Thomas drops in for a chat with Jason Reid. Butch talks about his sea change to Harrietville around 30 years ago and how he is often told by his guests how lucky we are to live here. We could not agree more!!

Butch did a lot of coach driving to Bright and around the area. He has a lot of stories he could tell and it is so interesting hearing his tales.

As host of Harrietville Cabins and Caravan Park, Butch has seen many changes within Bright and surrounds. … more »

Dickens Real Estate 65th Birthday Celebrations


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This year marks the 65th year of Dickens Real Estate. Eileen Dickens, who was to the best of our knowledge, the first female to open a licensed real estate agency in Victoria.  Jason Reid and Gerard Gray can be seen here talking about what we have been doing to celebrate. Stay tuned for more interesting stories from a few local faces.

We would also love to see any old documents or old photos that you might have that relate to properties in Bright and Surrounds.

What we have found amazing so far are … more »

Black Diamonds Found In Smoko

Latest News

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Such great news this week with the first truffles unearthed in Smoko for Alpine Truffles owners Mark and Taola Baldwin.

On Sunday while doing some routine leaf blowing in their English Oak tree plantation, their dog Charlie started digging. After initially thinking that Charlie was being a naughty dog digging a hole, they soon realised what she had found, their very first Perigord truffle.

Adding to the excitement, after walking along a little further the owners noticed another truffle popping out of the ground as well.

We were fortunate enough to visit them yesterday. Here is a sneak peak of … more »

Falls Creek Real Estate


So you’re thinking of selling – but you’re not quite sure whether the time is right. Maybe your partner wants to sell but you’re not confident the market is at its peak? Or perhaps you own an investment property and you’re unsure of whether it’s time to review the property value and rental return?

Falls Creek Real Estate would like to offer you a free market opinion to keep you updated on current market opportunities, and informed about what’s changing in the local real estate market.

Why? Because in the property market, information … more »