This month’s Property Investment Professionals of Australia (PIPA) Property Investor Sentiment Survey is a great little snap shot of investor confidence in the long term benefits of property investment.  This is the second year that PIPA have conducted this survey and with recent tightening of lending and debate over negative gearing you might have expected that investor confidence would be down however just over 70% of the 1000 respondents think now is a good time to invest. Click here for the full PIPA survey report . It is definitely worth a read.

Investing in a market like Bright and surrounds is an attractive capital gain potential.  We still have a strong demand for affordable rental accommodation, there are always people looking to rent.  A wide cross section of our community are at some point renters, some even long term renters and this demand is currently not being met. We are about to enter the highest demand part of the year and if you are looking to expand your investment portfolio I would love to speak further with you about the type of property you are looking for so that I may identify a suitable property for you when one hits the market. As always it’s important to get good investment advice from a reputable source. PIPA chair Mr Ben Kingsley has been reported as stating that ‘PIPA is committed to raising the professional standards of this industry and will continue to lobby the government to regulate property investment advice and educate investors to help them make informed investment decisions. (‘Property investor confidence remains strong: PIPA national survey’, Elite Property Manager). So please take that on board when you are seeking advice.

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