According to self-professed sea change expert, Margaret Gill:

The National Sea Change Taskforce project that in the next 15 years, 15% or nearly 1 million people could be making the change from the stress and demands of city life to a more peaceful existence near the sea or in the country.

In the township of beautiful Bright, and its surrounds, we’ve seen this phenomenon take hold.  Families, retirees, individuals and even DINKS are packing up and making their tree change.

The gentle call of the peaceful (and affordable) stress-free lifestyle change has seen people shift their mindest from “Sea” to “Tree”.  Whether it’s a holiday home, investment property or primary place of residence, the sales team are witnessing the slump of the Global Financial Crisis slowly dissipating.  Consumers are regaining their confidence and sales are starting to rise.

Whatever it is you’re looking for, contact one of our team and we’ll help you make the amazing lifestyle shift to Bright – I’m speaking from experience here, because I did and haven’t looked back!  It’s so much more that a “Tree Change”

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