Happy VendorsA Job Well Done by Dickens Real Estate!
We would like to express our appreciation of the team effort which resulted in the successful sale of our property this week.  It was particularly gratifying given the current state of the housing market and the world-wide economic situation.
Our previous experiences dealing with real estate agents have not been completely satisfactory. Nobody has ever been rude of course, but at times we felt as though the agents considered they were doing us a favour by selling our property for us, rather than that we were both doing each other a favour.
What a contrast with your team!  Nothing was too much trouble and everyone worked together to achieve the final outcome.  Indeed, we both felt part of your team.  When we made suggestions they were acted upon quickly or we were given acceptable reasons for not adopting them.  In the latter case, we always had the feeling that they would have been trialled had we insisted.
We also enjoyed the friendly banter whenever you visited us, even though we were unable to get you to change your football allegiances to the Adelaide Crows!

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