So you’re thinking of selling your house. Here are some top tips to help you get your home sale ready from one of our own experienced ‘house flippers’….

  • You’re planning to move so there’s no better time than now to start packing up and getting rid of excess items. It can be hard for a prospective buyer to see past the clutter and personal items in your home, so de-clutter, de-personalise and decorate! This includes the garage (can two cars fit in your two car garage?) and pantry – make sure the spaces are being used as designed, otherwise the buyer might interpret the contradiction as a shortage of space.
  • Now that you have removed all of the unnecessary household items you now have the opportunity to deep clean. Check for spider webs, wash windows, skirting boards and thoroughly clean the kitchen and bathroom, to remove cooking or animal odours. Don’t forget the exterior of your home, which includes cleaning gutters, weeding garden beds and mowing lawns.
  • Keep colours as neutral as possible. Whilst a splash of colour can add appeal to a room, it is preferable that you limit your artistic flair when selling your home so that the prospective buyer can imagine it being their own.
  • Seek the advice of your agent regarding repairs and renovations prior to listing your property. Some improvements may result in a quicker sale or attract a higher price, however others will make no difference at all and could be an unnecessary outgoing of money.
  • Look at your home through the eyes of a stranger and use your imagination to see it for the ‘first time’. This will give you the inspiration necessary to make the entrance to your home as welcoming as possible – first impressions DO matter!

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